About us

Open it now provides:

  • consulting services for business creation, start-ups and development,
  • implementation of management information systems and
  • construction of electrical and ICT projects.

Open it creates, develops, designs and performs the most demanding projects in the field of electrical engineering and ICT. Its engineers led, implemented and participated in numerous projects worth tens of millions EUR in the country and abroad. Experience and reputation gained in these projects, a network of trusted vendors, partners and subcontractors, with constant training and fallowing of global trends, are confirmation of our ability and quality guarantee of our services.

Open it was founded in 2009. Initaiy was selling telephone and internet solutions for small businesses, primarily from the Siemens program and the development of enterprise management and business support SW.

Construction and maintenance of telecommunications systems and other low voltage systems to high-end hotels such as the Hotel Splendid in Bečići, is one of the main jobs of Open it, until now. The second important area of business is the design, development and construction management, situational and dispatching systems and specialized communication systems for special applications for water supply, electricity, railways, police, military, emergency, emergency response, etc..

In 2011 Open it expanded the area of operation in the field of media and finance by M&A with the company Profit Media Consulting, which was providing consulting services in the field of media and communication to the public for banks and insurance companies. This merger brought us the synergy of technological forms of communication, which Open it dealt with and the media and sociological terms of communications, which was the job of Profit Media Consulting.

Knowledge of communication from “the angle of 360 degrees," which includes technological, psychological and sociological and economic aspect helps us to chose the most appropriate techniques and communication tools and use them in certain organizations, scenarios and situations in order to achieve an optimal set of parameters relevant to a specific project, such as reliability, quality, responsiveness, availability, accessibility, mobility, portability, price, backup the use in private and public domain, etc..

In the area of finance and economy Open it engages in the research of ICT outsourcing industry, the efficiency of banks, etc., in the area of management of highly professional management outsourcing services.