Management Consulting & Business Development

We support you to:

  • find and create a new market niche and transform your business idea into a new business,
  • develop and launch new revenue stream,
  • restructure and use all available resources,
  • explore weakness of your organization and treats for your market position,
  • remove useless processes and improve the efficiency of the whole organization,
  • notice bottlenecks in the workflow and the weakest link,
  • craft and exacute right business strategy for your company,
  • objectively analyze market position, competition and opportunities for growth,
  • compare your company with similar companies in your and others industries,
  • create achievable and realistic sales budget with appropriate incentive scheme,
  • introduce check-up dialog process with clear objective, target and rewards for every single employee,
  • create marketing mix and integrated media communications with the public,
  • go to market online and use web and internet to gain an advantage before other does it,
  • recognize the benefits of the globalization to develop new business ideas and market your products and outsource services,
  • take the advantage of the local environment, with low start-up cost and availability of educated, young professionals to make internationaly comptitive cost position.

We do implement Management Information System, that ensure very efficient running of the company. Key reports on sales and finance are available online, what gives you the opportunity to hold net working capital at the lowest possible level, and to detect incoming sales decline in advance and reshuffle the cards in time, in forward, but not in backward as traditional accounting reporting relying companies do.