Electrical & ICT Engineering

We build and integrate Electrical and ICT infrastructure for business objects, companies, organizations and cities, for the special purposes objects, such as hotels, stadiums, hospitals, factories, banks, dispatching centers, etc.
We create optimal technical solutions, paying particular attention to designing and building of reliable, fast and secured IP network infrastructure, as the backbone for all subsystem and the factors that brings the greatest value added.

We provide services:

  • design and project consulting,
  • control and design revision,
  • installation and commissioning of equipment,
  • project management and supervision,
  • factory acceptance, quality tests and homologation,
  • import-export of equipment, logistics etc.

We develop software and complex multifuntional solutions that consisting of various fieled as computer networks, telecommunications, cloud computing, security, automation, GIS, AI, etc.

We are perfect partner to general contractors for low voltage systems and the local partner for foreign companies that competing in international tenders and projects in Serbia, because we are able to offer, deliver, install, maintain and integrate equipment from all the major electrical and ICT vendors, and to ensure the best local prices and commercial conditions.