Communications Development

Creating a long-term communication strategy (platform)

- Internal Communication

- External Communication (towards all stakeholders)

Developing specific PR and marketing activities at the annual / semi-annual level


- How to make a communication strategy SMI (internal and external, towards all target groups)

- PR (Public Relations) as part of strategic communication channels and tools of external and internal PR, and the way of using)

- Marketing Mix – defining the best ways for quality marketing


- CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility - as support to incre

asing sales

- Media Appearances, the positioning of the leader in public ...

• Mentoring and consulting for communication in small and medium-sized enterprises

Professional team from Open It will help your employees in PR and Marketing, for 6 months, to:

- determine the current communication position of the company, and to come up with models of development

- determine a clear target groups, and establish a model of communication with them, in a way to be compatible with the goals of the company

- form the media pool and create a plan of communication with the media

- develop specific marketing and PR activities on an annual basis

- implement all planned activities, successfully and effortlessly

- create procedures for internal communication, and develop activities for improving interpersonal relationships develop and implement targeted social responsibility activities, which will be in accordance with the guidelines of the World Bank, and through them open up the possibility to increase sales of services or products of the enterprise

- design and implement a functional volunteer activities - useful for the community and also for the image of the company, and to boost loyalty of employees.


- Efficient launching the right information to the public

- More efficient coordination of activities within the company

- Reducing operational expenses

- Strengthening the company's image

- Increasing customer and employees satisfaction

- Indirectly - sales increase

- Support the realization of the company's strategic goals